Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Could've, would've, should've...

Like everyone else, I've always had perfect hindsight. For example, if I had known the importance a 3.0 GPA post-graduation, I would have postponed graduation or worked harder. (Maybe.) That's why I always find it useful to read about how someone else learned the hard way...especially when they want you to learn from their experience. I'm happy to say that there's only 3 major points on mymoneypath's list that I still need to commit to:

2) Read - Books, magazines or blogs about personal finance on a regular basis. - Mission accomplished! (as of 11/2006)
4) Update - Your net worth on a regular basis so you can see your progress. - Mission accomplished! (as of 10/2006)
5) Develop -
A good meaningful budget. Do one at least 6 months out. Don't forget about expenses that only happen every six months or yearly, like car registration, insurance and maintenance.

I felt so on point after reading this that I'm giving myself the night off from reading pf blogs! (They're a great resource, but I drive myself crazy thinking about "miles to go before I sleep.")

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