Wednesday, October 4, 2006

NYC on the Cheap: What to Do

I've whittled and personalized Fodor's Top 25 Free NY Experiences; these were the most enticing to me:
  1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.*
    Sunrise or sunset would be perfect!
  2. Ride the Staten Island Ferry *
    ...for awesome views of the city and the Statue of Liberty.
  3. Whitney Museum of American Art
    Pay what you wish on Fridays, 6-9 pm
  4. Play in Central Park.*
    I'd love to visit the Alice In Wonderland bronzes again...and so much more park to explore!
  5. MOMA
    Free on Fridays, 4-8 pm. Not a big fan of modern art, but I am a big fan of free!
  6. NY Botanical Garden*
    Free on Saturdays, 10-noon, and on Wednesdays. Waiting for Spring.
  7. Readings at a bookstore.
    My favourite so far is B&N at Union Square.

Some I knew about, some I didn't...I can't wait to invite a friend on some of these walks. (Amazingly, 4 out of my 7 are scenic walks.) It's great to have these to-do lists for a future "lazy day"!

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