Thursday, November 16, 2006 Worth it?

Lethargic that I am, I still have some textbooks from college lying around my room. I left them up on since last year, and never gave them another thought. Once in a while, I get a "please ship..." email, but I still have enough books around to notice as I was doing my ritualistic winter cleaning. Now I'm looking for alternative (read: more successful) ways to sell my textbooks off.

I was checking out's BuyBack system today, and I decided to price a few books to test. The Diary of Anne Frank is selling for $3.07, but ecampus will buy it from me for $0.50...minus the $1.94 mediamail label they "give" you for selling them your books, that's a little over a 60% profit. And I'm sure they get a shipping discount from USPS. $0.50 isn't enough to make me run to the post office to send my books out. I'm better off donating these books...but it makes me wonder if I shouldn't start my own BuyBack program.


Wanda said...

Hi! I just bumped into your blog - I'm always sort of been envious of people living in NYC, and so I love it that I found a blogger who's young + female + living in nyc.

WH said...