Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Impulse Buying - Update

The Shopping System works! Even though I've exceeded my goal of <$300 credit card spending per month for October, I am excited to report that the shopping system I invented for myself to beat impulse buying (one of last year's accomplishments) really does work.

Gradually, my list was whittled down to a few wardrobe essentials, such as a black suit, sneakers, and work-worthy staples like sweaters. (Frivolous items like round-toe boots were bumped down to the "optional" list.) Today, I'm happy to report that my shopping list is a success, and as of this writing, it is down to the one wardrobe staple of every job-hunting post-grad: a black suit. And even more importantly, when I shop now, I ask myself if I truly need the item, or if it's worth the return trip before I buy - definitely slowing down my hedonic treadmill!

Update #2: As of December 3rd, one mandatory post-grad black suit, officially BOUGHT; the Shopping List has been cleared!


GolbGuru said...

Your "Shopping System" makes sense. Impulses can only be fought with time.. I have tried it myself and I am pretty happy with the results. I tend to disagree with your friend there in the earlier post about the system being restrictive...I would say the system is take your time to weigh your options and end up making a wise decision.

Keep it up. :)

superstar said...

life just good