Sunday, January 28, 2007

Attention Book Lovers

After reading Wisebread's post, I wanted to remind all the book lovers out there of some sites that I used in college to read entire books online.

Unlike DailyLit - where the reader recieves a book excerpt via email either daily, weekdays only, or every M,W,F - Bibliomania makes a selection of full text works in the public domain readily available. From Austen to Kipling, from D.H. Lawrence to Shakespeare, Bibliomania offers wide selection of online reads that can be easily text-searched for papers or assignments.

At DailyLit, if your daily installment only whets your appetite, you can click to request for the next installment to be delivered to your email box immediately. A minor disadvantage at Bibliomania is that you won't have a book rapping at your front door everyday. However, being a reader who always wants to finish a good read right away, finding my own way to Bibliomania is a small price to pay! (In fact, this post was interruptus because I just re-read the last 15 chapters of The Scarlet Pimpernel...)

Also useful is Project Gutenberg, which is the "first and largest single collection of free... e-books." Non-English reads are available here.

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