Sunday, January 21, 2007

Helium isn't for everyone...

Since I so readily issued a caveat emptor for, I'd like to apologise for suggesting Helium to you without doing so in the first place. I finally took the time to read the fine print at Helium, and I'd like to refer you to Helium's TOS, Item #6, entitled"Helium's rights to the content":
By submitting your content to Helium, you agree to the following:

You grant Helium, and its affiliates, a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable, non-exclusive right and license to use, copy, modify, delete in its entirety, adapt, publish, translate, display, create derivative works from and/or sell and/or distribute content posted to Helium.

• Helium’s rights to the content do also imply rights to use, in any way, the materials for our own internal business purposes, and reproduction and distribution for the purpose of marketing and publicity for Helium.

• Helium disclaims any obligation to legally protect your works or your copyrights, and you acknowledge that we will have no liability, vicarious, contributory, or otherwise, for any infringement of any of your intellectual property rights.

You acknowledge that we do not control other users' actions, including but not limited to their use of your content. We will have no liability to you for any user's violation of these terms and no responsibility to you to enforce these terms for your benefit.

• If your content includes one or more links to content hosted on servers other than ours, it will not be considered uploading or posting of content to the Helium site, and it is understood that we will have no right to use or distribute such content unless it is also uploaded or posted directly to the Helium site.
Writers be warned!!! When you submit your stories, you are forfeiting your intellectual property rights. If you should find own writing in Helium's Guide to Personal Finance, Helium's Big Book of Auto Repair, or Dating for Helium Dummies, don't bother looking for your name, a blurb of credit, or even a notice in your mailbox that your material has been used! But if you're okay with that, then Helium on.

From now on, I will take my own advice and read the Terms of Service BEFORE signing up, contributing, or recommending a site! D'oh!

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