Friday, January 19, 2007

NYC on the Cheap: What to Do - Sony Wonder

What are you doing Saturday at 2pm? If you're going to be in NYC, try seeing a free movie at Sony Wonder's HD theater!

On alternating Saturday afternoons, Sony offers a free movie; this Saturday's fare is Gridiron Gang, starring The Rock. On February 17, I'll probably be going to see Kirsten Dunst's Marie Antoinette. And if these don't appeal to you, don't worry - Sony has an ecelctic menu: Open House (Feb. 3), Final Fantasy VII (Mar. 3), and Metropolis (Mar. 17) are also on the schedule. These are the movies posted so far, so for a post-March schedule, check Sony's site later on.

A minor speed bump to this freebie is that you have to remember to call for tickets on the Monday of the week you want to see a movie. They take walk-in's, but from personal experience, thats hit or miss because the theater is pretty small. Also, I've been warned that the theater fills up quickly, and, sometimes, can be populated by parents with younger (read: louder) children. So hopefully, Marie Antoinette won't attract a bunch of precocious 10-year-olds and their baby sibs...

And don't forget that a visit to Sony Wonder, a "technology and entertainment museum," is completely free and pretty darn fun too. Here's a list of exhibits.

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