Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Discount at Macy*s

For those who want to catch a good deal at Macy*s, their Presidents Day Sale starts today (see sale pass here).

For more permanent savings, this is from their website:

Domestic visitors are eligible to receive our Welcome Savings Pass, which offers up to 11% savings in all Macy's stores nationwide for five days after validation (usually the first purchase).

International visitors can receive the Welcome International Savings Card, which is available in 10 languages and offers 11% savings in all Macy's stores for 30 days after validation.

Visitors can obtain the Savings Pass or Savings Card at select Macy's locations and at our Visitor Centers in New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Honolulu. In all Florida Macy's stores, ask for your Savings Card at the Gift Wrap counter.

Even though there's no mention about how many times you can use this pass, I've scored a few good stock-up sales and clearance items at Macy's before. Happy shopping all!

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