Monday, February 12, 2007

Getting my $ from HSBC Online Savings

How do you do it? Very methodically, thank you.

While I was in Asia, the HSBC account allowed me to make ATM withdrawals sans fees - great service! However, now that I'm back stateside, getting $ out isn't quite so easy anymore.

After a 10-minute wait on the bank line this weekend, a friendly HSBC teller tells me that, since I have an online account, I can only withdraw at an ATM, but not at any HSBC bank windows. Ever. And the daily withdrawal limit is $1000.

So thanks to the limit, I'll be making two additional stops at HSBC later this week. I don't think I'll be leaving more than the daily withdrawal limit at HSBC anymore...not unless the interest soars. And I don't mean for new money only, only until April 30th either.

Update (as of 2/13/2007): Went to the local HSBC ATM yesterday. Both ATM's were out of order. So I gave in and did an online transfer instead...a 3-day wait is worth avoiding any more trouble at my branch!

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