Saturday, April 7, 2007

Edmunds on Car Care & Driving

With the latest rounds of car repairs, my car care research yielded some interesting did-not-know-that's:

  1. Air conditioning
    On this oft-debated topic, an Edmunds road test defied their previous dictates to leave the a/c off when driving under 40 mph, and to close the windows when driving above 40 mpg to increase your fuel efficiency by 10-20%. Their new conclusion? Turn A/C on or off, whatever makes you comfortable.

    Open your windows and vents to blow the hot air out faster before turning your air conditioner on full blast. Fan speed does not affect fuel economy, so turn the fan on the highest setting to cool the vehicle down faster, then adjust for comfort. (Source)

    When a/c is on, recycle the cool air in the car.

  2. Park in a garage, if possible.
    In the winter, the car will need less defrosting, and, in the summer, your car will be cooler being parked in the shade.

  3. If you park in the sun, use a windshield shade.

  4. Tighten the gas cap.

  5. Check tire pressure.
    Underinflation can wear out tires and reduce gas mileage by 15%.

  6. Change filters.
    Both air and oil - every three months or 3,000 miles.

  7. Drive Nice.
    Accelerate slowly at traffic lights to increase your car's fuel efficiency by 5%. Accelerate slowly on the highway to increase your car's fuel efficiency by almost 33%.

  8. Use cruise control on the highway to boost mileage.

  9. Reduce excess weight.
    Every 100 lbs. reduces fuel efficiency by 1-2%.
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