Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What I Would Do For 25 Feathers...

Kira at CashDuck, a GPT site that I've mentioned on my blog previously, recently rolled out a new feature called "kudos." "Kudos" are the site's newest reward for users achieving milestones, e.g. first 15 referrals, first $100 in referral earnings, a single cashout over $250, a review of the site...I think you see now where I'm going with this post!

Not having tried other GPT sites, CashDuck is a pretty easy way to make a free dinner every month. I've been using the site since January 2007, and so far, it's as easy as pie. Aside from one misguided incident of re-directing 20 feathers to a lottery jackpot prize instead of my habitual contribution to additional referrals, I've been pretty happy with the CashDuck experience. And keep in mind, it was by my own choice. But on to the review....

I enjoy the how all the offers are categorised: Freebies, Free Trials, Surveys, the ubiquitous Other, and the newest category, Paid to Shop. This makes it very easy for me to jump to Surveys, which is all I really do on the site, and it's netted me roughly $15 per month. (The other ~$15 comes from my referrals.) After completing a survey, I mark the offer "pending," and move onto the next.

Occasionally, some offers - guestimate: roughly 4.5 out of 10 - that I complete sit in my "Pending" folder until I delete it from the list & mark it "ignored." This is probably the only annoying absence of a feature I find on CashDuck: instead of having the Ignore button available from the Pending folder, you have to delete an offer from the Pending list & Ignore it when you somehow find it again on the site. But with so many offers on the site (over 270 as of this post, which is in itself quite a recommendation), re-doing a non-credited offer that I've previously deleted from my "Pending" list has been known to happen, and more than once. I wonder if this happens to other users...

Another recommendation for the site is the payout format & expediency of payment. On the last day of each month, I request payment and by the 15th of the next month, I get a "You've recieved a payment" email from PayPal - so simple!

Now onto the frills...

I can be a stickler for details, so here's some of the features of the site that I particularly enjoy:

  • Account Balance
    This separates your Cash and Feathers balance histories, as well as keeping a separate overall count of referral earnings.

  • Current Contests & Contest Stats
    Even though I'm not an active participant, these features are a great report card for those who are!

  • Custom Banners
    Like this one:

    Okay, I just find these really cute. =)

  • Response Time
    Even when my suggestion for an "Ignore" feature on the Pending list was turned down, it was turned down nicely & very quickly. The same expedience is applied to payment, assigning prize referrals, etc.

Overall, CashDuck a very user-friendly site, and a great way to make a few bucks on slow days at work!

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