Wednesday, May 9, 2007

ISO: Free Financial Advice

I remember, during Financial Literacy Week last October, there were some free financial planning services available, but I didn't take advantage of those because I didn't have any clear investment goals pinned down at the time, or enough money to worry about (or so it seemed). However, I've since outlined and fleshed out my financial goals and, as an added bonus, I've saved enough $ now to feel that I may actually have assets requiring management! =)

I know that Charlotte Observer columnist, Amy Baldwin, is looking to trade a free financial makeover for a story, but I think I need less makeover, and more check-up & planning. I've also been to SCORE, and its focus seems to be on small businesses...definitely worth a look-see by the way.

I have a pretty simple financial picture - a few investment goals (both long- & short-term, with figures attached), no outstanding debt, a handful of retirement investments to date, and I recently find myself with a little extra $ to invest, SO...

Any ideas or leads on how/where I can find a financial planner to offer a free financial check-up? I wouldn't mind some guidance with future planning either.

Thanks in advance!

Update: For those in the Boston area on August 4th, there's a free financial planning clinic at the Sheraton Boston Hotel... plenty of time to get your numbers in order & the perfect time to see a planner!


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