Monday, September 24, 2007

Good riddance, I mean - Good-bye, TimesSelect!

Every time I saw an article written by that witty wordsmith, Maureen Dowd, I knew better than to click on the link. After all, I didn't have an ".edu" email, and I wasn't paying $50 a year for TimesSelect. You, dear reader, may have also noticed that pesky symbol: . Well, no more! Directly from

Effective Sept. 19, we are ending TimesSelect. All of our online readers will now be able to read Times columnists, access our archives back to 1987 and enjoy many other TimesSelect features that have been added over the last two years – free.
This means all NYT archive articles from 1851 thru 1922, and 1987 to present are accessible for free, including Op-Ed's, while articles from 1923 thru 1986 are available for purchase.

Now if we could just read the Wall Street Journal online for free too...

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