Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CashDuck is back!

Even though the payout system has been dramatically revamped, CashDuck is back. Instead of cash rewards, the GPT site now pays in "feathers," which can redeemed for giftcards to a slew of retailers. Also new: members can now join a "team." Says Kira of CashDuck:
"Each team sponsors a charity. If you are on a team, the team earns a bonus of 2% of anything you earn. Once the team earns $50, the charity will receive a donation at the end of the month. Being on a team doesn't cost you anything, and you can start a team for nearly any charity. Invite your friends to join your team, and raise money for a favorite cause, a local charity, or even your PTA or Girl Scout troop."
I'm not sure how the feathers will work out, but it's good to see the site didn't go defunct. Check CashDuck out for yourself!

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