Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brooklyn Public Library's STEP

This one's for the NYC residents. Should you ever find yourself in need of a spot of career counseling, the Brooklyn Public Library has a program called Skills Training & Employment Program (STEP) that will set you up with a career advisor who can help you "develop a personalized career plan" as well as help you with:

  • workshops in resume writing, interviewing and more;
  • preparing for career placement tests; and
  • improving your English.

Even niftier, STEP also offers:

  • Career Cruising
    An interactive career guidance resource in English and in Spanish. Users can find help with occupational assessment, career exploration, educational planning, and portfolio development. (Available for use at the following locations: Central Library, Business Library, and the Marcy Branch.)
  • Ferguson's Career Guidance Center
    A comprehensive career research database, organized by industry providing profiles of today's most popular jobs. It covers careers and career resources, as well as career preparation information, including scholarships, academic programs, non-academic programs, Web resources, and an employability skills checklist. (Available anywhere with an Internet connection and a library card.)
  • Learning Express Library
    Test prep material and practice exams for the GRE, SAT, graduate school, civil service, technical and professional exams. (Available anywhere with an Internet connection and a library card.)

There are no residency restrictions listed for in the program description, and as I (a Brooklyn resident) can apply for a Manhattan library card, I presume that any NYC resident could apply for a Brooklyn library card. Or perhaps non-Brooklyn residents could call their local library to inquire about the availability of a comparable career-readiness program in his/her own borough!

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