Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taxes, etc.

After spending $42,000,000 to send taxpayers like me:

  1. a notice/letter citing how George W. Bush & Congress decided that I deserved an economic stimulus check; and
  2. a notice to let me know that my check would be arriving within two weeks of the notice I was reading
...the powers that be finally sent my economic stimulus check last week. It has since been deposited into my savings account, and there it intends to stay. But that's hardly my gripe of the day. Here goes The Rant...

Somehow, I just feel in my gut that, had Congress not just spent forty-two million dollars to send us each letter upon useless letter about whom we can thank for an extra (measly, but not unappreciated) $600 when oil is $130+ a barrel, inflation is primed to soar, and the country is in a recession that our president won't acknowledge, I would have gladly given up my two letters so that somewhere out there in the American landscape: urban children could have adequate pre-kindergarten classes, quality afterschool programs, and fairly compensated teachers; soldiers could have adequate body armor; or senior citizens could afford their prescriptions & healthcare. Forgive me that endless run-on, but I'd have given up my two letters in a heartbeat for any one of those...wouldn't you?

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