Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free photobook

I ordered my very first photo book recently as a memento for a good friend, and managed to get a great deal: it was FREE. (Plus $7.99 for shipping via UPS Ground, of course.) That's a $9.99 value, folks. How did I do it? I clicked through this link to get a discount code, downloaded the Picaboo software, and put together a 20-page softcover book containing 60+ images. Production time is 3-5 days, and shipping will take another 3+ days, so I'll likely update about quality after I receive the order.

The only downside to ordering was that my internet had been too spotty to transmit a 27MB photobook due to bad weather. Which I didn't know until I called Picaboo's customer service line - which is open to 7pm PT (or 10pm phenomenal!) - and, after a superbly thorough diagnostic session that determined that my faulty connection - and not Picaboo - was the problem, the CSR instructed me to send my file to her via yousendit so that she could upload the album for me to place the order. Simple, no?

AND, to complicate things even further, I mistakenly typed the wrong shipping address, but, because I emailed Picaboo immediately, I was able to take advantage of their policy of allowing cancellations made within an hour of ordering. So I promptly cancelled my first order, placed my second, and emailed the CSR back with the new order # so that she could apply my one-time introductory offer to my new order. Phew. All in an hour's work!

Seriously though...major kudos to the knowledgeable, friendly & uber helpful CSR's at Picaboo - it couldn't have been done without you!

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