Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Citi Dividend Platinum

I know it's been discussed ad nauseum on the internet, but...

I still use my Citi Dividend Platinum credit card, which - once upon a time, in a faraway land - promised 5% cash rebates at gas stations, supermarkets, and drgustores, and 1% elsewhere. Unlike others online have reported, I have still yet to recieve the official "bump" letter to saying that the cash rebates rate has dropped to 2%. (Which is not to say it has not, just that I'm too lazy to do the math, so I will probably call Citibank to ask.)

When I heard about the "bump," I went digging for an alternative, and decided on either:

  • the Citi Professional Cash Card, which earns 3% cash rebates on restaurants, gas stations, auto rentals, and "select" supplies stores, and 1% on all other purchases; or
  • the Citi Professional Card, which has a $100 giftcard with 1st purchase, and earns 3 bonus points per dollar at restaurants, gas stations, auto rentals, and select supplies stores, and 1 bonus point per dollar on all other purchases.
I still haven't applied for either, because I want to make sure that my 5% days with CDP are truly over. I've even signed up for the "Citi Merchants Network" to see if it can be redeemed, but really I can join this with any other Citi rebate card anyway.

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