Monday, October 2, 2006

The Saver's Blues

Last week, I reached two of my savings goals from last year: my Emergency Fund and my trip to HK fund. (Pats self on the back.) After a little celebratory dance, I re-assessed my financial priorities, and ordered them thus:

  • Open IRA account by April 2007 (PTF - PTF2) - Mission accomplished! (as of 1/2007)
  • Increase Gift Fund savings for Christmas 2006 - Mission accomplished! (as of 12/2006)
  • Start Car Expenses Fund - Mission accomplished! (as of 12/2006)
And then, I promptly came down with a case of the Saver's Blues.

You know, the kind that makes you spend your week reconsidering grad school, thinking about shopping and car toys, and, in general, thinking of all the wonderful things that you must be "missing out on" by your self-imposed savings diet. (And, of course, I didn't want to look at anything that had the words "finance," "budget," or "plan" on it all weekend.)

Today, however, I gave myself a little pep talk: "I am 24, and I am happy and proud to have done so well in reaching my savings goals thus far. Don't quit now!" So, I stopped moping for possessions that could have been, and re-focused on my goal; I put up some pictures of dreamy kitchens and living rooms on my bedroom wall, right next to my 43 things.

Saving starts as a goal, and becomes a habit. It's easier to save when you keep reminding yourself of what you're saving for. I will do this any way that I can - through ING account nicknames or magazine cut-outs on my wall or whatever works. I am determined to set up my retirement, buy my first home, and resist the sneaking thoughts that I am somehow deprived. I'm not deprived, I'm prioritizing!


Molly's Brother said...

Great blog! Thanks for the link.

GolbGuru said...

I know what you mean :); grad school and money don't go to well at times. But you are doing pretty good. Keep it uo.

Btw, your profile on blogger does not link to your blog and vice-a-versa. I reached this blog only through the signature link from one of your comments on my blog. Check if you can set that right.

WH said...

Done! Thanks.