Sunday, January 7, 2007

Double Parking Ticket - ACK!

In my haste to leave for HK in early December, a quick run to the bank's ATM earned me a $115 double parking ticket. (An auspicious start to the vacation to be sure.) Having been back for a week, I've dutifully paid it. But that's not the amazing part.

What's astounding is that NYC "settles" tickets. My $115 fine was reduced to $90 by a clerk, and I didn't even have to see a judge! With the reputation that NYC's DMV has for long lines and nasty attitudes, most people I know pay their fines by mail, just to avoid wasting the time & trouble. But for less than a half an hour of my time, I saved almost 22% on my fine...just by going up to their offices.

Now I'm pretty sure the city has never openly advertised this fact, so if a person never went up to the DMV to fight a ticket (early in the NYC day, mind you, to avoid the crowds!), she'd never know to ask for the settlement option - the city is just so tricky!

Does anyone know how long "settling" has been available in NYC? Is this an option at the DMV's anywhere else? Make sure to check with your local DMV next might save you enough to be worthwhile!

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