Monday, January 8, 2007

New Goals Sidebar

In the spirit of making changes for the New Year, I've added a new sidebar to this page, called "My Goals." I've ordered them so that the more (relatively) easily accomplished tasks are on top, and the longer-term goals are on the bottom of the list. It should be interesting to see how (and how quickly) I can progress.

In a completely related topic, a friend clued me into a Paralegal Certificate Program. The program would end up costing what I had originally earmarked to start my Roth IRA. I'm going to an info session tonight to find out more about the program, but what I really have to weigh is whether the future benefits of the program outweigh the future benefits of the retirement fund...that's the problem with having a strict savings diet - there's very little wiggle room!


Anonymous said...

Your goals are admirable. On investing, I did the same thing too, but I found that I just didn't have the time to really track stocks and do the research necesary to keep abreast of latest news. I just sock away into an Index Fund (VFINX), which beats most of the actively managed mutual funds anyways.

A 9-mth emergency fund seems a bit large, though. My philosophy was that, when younger, I could afford to be more aggressive and grow faster. I stretched a little to buy that first house, and it paid off. While cash in the bank is a great security blanket, it also ties up fund that could be used for growth. It's a balancing act that you can manage with careful planning. You know the tools avaialble - take advantage of them!

WH said...

Socal, I'm socking away 9 months in anticipation of a career change and its resulting (severe) pay cut. Otherwise, I'd agree with you on this completely!

BTW, thanks for your continued encouragement!