Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Earning $ on

Having googled this and finding no sufficient answer, coupled with the fact that I'm actually recommending the site, I feel like I should address's pitch that writers can make $...

From my whole 3 days as a member of, here's what I have to report on earning $ via Helium:
  • I've earned $0.01 for my article about Spending Wisely (as mentioned in my previous post); this article has been rated and bumped up to #1 - woot!

  • I've earned $0.02 for my article on VISA giftcards, which was a previous post on this blog (see article). While this submission isn't rated #1, it is a respectable #12, meaning that it has jumped in ratings in its one day of existence on Helium.

  • From the examples above, I have deduced that each "bump up" in ratings equates to the writer being paid 1-cent. If this somehow proves untrue, I will return to update this post. And if someone reading this knows otherwise, please feel free to disabuse me of a faulty notion!
    Update: For payment details, read this article.

Again, if I've got the wrong idea all wrong about Helium, feel free correct me. I couldn't find an actual payment schedule or a clear explanation at the site's FAQ's section or in their forum.

Update (as of 1/21/2007): I'd like to retract my recommendation of Helium...and here's why.

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