Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Spending Wisely," on Helium

Having joined the online writing community at Helium, I wrote my first article yesterday! It was filed under the Personal Finance topic of "Spending Wisely to Save Money." My five tips for spending wisely included:

  1. Know yourself.
  2. Treat yourself.
  3. Let your fingers do the walking.
  4. Do it yourself.
  5. Know your spending habits.

For the in-depth details, please read my article here!

Helium is, or seems to be (since I've only just joined), a way for websurfers to consult others for personal experiences and perspectives on anything, from Autos to Personal Finance, to Relationships. Although it advertises itself as a paid-for-writing enterprise, there's no explanation of the how's or when's. But you should sign up just for the fun of writing articles and/or giving advice about pretty much anything you want!


Golbguru said...

Nice article on Helium. Thanks for mentioning this community...I was checking out the rest of the articles and it does sound interesting. :)

Are there multiple authors writing on the same topic or something?

WH said...

Yes, any writer can contribute to any topic; a writer can even start his/her own topic.

...can you tell I'm new to blogging, etc.? I don't know if other sites like Helium exist, but I'm simply amazed. =)