Monday, January 8, 2007

"How to Go to M.I.T. for Free"

According to CSM, M.I.T. has had a singular practice of "intellectual philanthropy" since 2002. Currently, anyone can access a wide selection of M.I.T.'s educational treasure trove online, especially those who don't have $50k a semester for tuition & books and/or the time to audit a class. By the end of this year, M.I.T. anticipates making all 1,800 of the university's courses publicly available - syllabi, readings lists, class assignments, and, in some cases, even video lectures!

With courses in aeronautics, chemistry, engineering, political science, robotics, women's studies and more, M.I.T. gives self-learners the gift of an opportunity, if not a forum. So click here to review their complete course may find something that you always wanted to learn about, but never had time to structure for yourself!

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