Wednesday, January 3, 2007

ING Direct's CD Rollover Bonus

ING is offering a CD Rollover Bonus! As of the day your existing CD matures, this bonus - should you choose to accept it - would add 0.10% APY to the rate being offered on the date of the rollover. As of today, ING's rates for certificates of deposit are not exactly frontrunners, but the extra 0.10% would make ING's CD rates more competitive, especially since most "experts" are predicting that the trend of static rates will likely persist, especially with short-term CD's.

I'm not sure how long this bonus offer will last, and I'll have to call ING to see if I can add to the CD's principal to be renewed. (This is part of my push to save more for my Downpayment Fund in the coming year.) Note to self & ING users looking to partake: Clicking into "Account Maintenance" allows you to change your account maturity options (i.e. term, disbursement).

Update (as of 1/10/2007): Peter at ING says I can add to the CD's principle & still take advantage of the rollover bonus by calling ING on the date of maturity to simply request it...Woot!

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