Monday, May 14, 2007

Giving Back

Make Love, Not Debt's 5/8/2007 post brings up a subject I'd always considered a foregone conclusion: Second-generation APIA's giving to their parents as a token of respect & appreciation.

But judging from the content of some of his 33 comments, I should beg pardon for being mistaken. Is it because my significant other is also an APIA? We're not yet engaged and have no immediate plans to change this, but we've already discussed how we would feasibly support both sets of parents and ourselves in the future. We've decided to get ourselves on more financially stable ground before getting engaged, but that caring for our parents figure into the relationship? It's always been a given! The question is when, not if.

I have friends who started paying all household bills at home the minute s/he graduated, who pay rent, who pay the mortgage, and even those who give their parents a stipend on top of any mixture of the above-mentioned. I'm actually an odd duck for *not* having to pay bills at home. Thanks to my parents' generosity, I only pay for household groceries bi-weekly. For now. And that's only because my parents know I'm still at a "job," and not a "career." But it's still a foregone conclusion that my parents will someday live with me after they've retired & I'm on more financially stable ground. In fact, it's their downpayment fund I've been saving for first, not my you mean to tell me that this isn't how the rest of the world lives??? =p


creditandmortgageindex said...

I would keep my parents with me because they gave me everything that they could and to me, they are the best parents in the world! They weren't rich but they tried their level best to give me what they could. I am forever under their debt and would like to show them that I care a lot by taking care of them and keeping them with me :) That's what happens in my world =p

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WH said...

Hear, hear! (Mine too. =)