Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Networth Milestone

It's been 12 months since I started using NetworthIQ.com. My networth has since increased in the last year, not by the 100% I had wanted, but by a respectable 75%!

Last year, I cancelled my subscription to Lucky & Glamour to save $20; however, as a "good job!" to myself, I ordered a two-year subscription to just Glamour for $15 - all the more special for the discount, a link that I've saved in my email for at least 2 months now. And in case anyone's interested in subscribing: When you order through this link, you can also add a third year's subscription for $6 more. But remember to cancel your subscription punctually or you'll be charged the going subscription rate when this teaser rate expires!

1 comment:

Zeeshan Syed said...

I may want to try this but I gota consult my wife first! :$

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