Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Take out the yardstick

My goals sidebar was birthed in January, and it looked something like this:

  • 6-month budget
  • New job/ career
  • Start Roth Target Retirement Fund
  • Start investing
  • Buy a house

Now, standing at the 4-month mark, I've:

  • stayed on a disciplined savings plan in lieu of a budget (this may seem a matter semantics but it's effective...PTF!);
  • only just started feeling that maybe the financial safety net (built on the back of my "job" for the past two years) can weather a $30k per annum entry-level "career" -- see GRS's post & the ensuing comments on this!
  • I'm $1k away from maximum Roth contribution for 2007;
  • just recently opened a taxable, non-retirement account; and
  • I'm still looking to buy a home, although not necessarily a house...

I'm still dragging my feet on breaking into publishing...I've been sending out my résumé and reading up on the editing profession, but I have no internships or practical, documented experience! Where to start, where to start...maybe some writing gigs on craigslist?

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