Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness

I have pondered quitting my current job for quite some time, but I never buckled down to plan my direction; however, some recent changes at work in the past two weeks have been leading up to Friday, when I will be giving my official 2-weeks.

Logic says I should find another before quitting my current job, but immediate personal safety concerns at work renders that logic trivial. I had asked to be transferred to another site two weeks ago, but the boss/company has yet to address this satisfactorily. Luckily, this just may turn out to be the catalyst (read: kick in the bum) that I needed.

Leaving a job is a tough financial decision, but I'm lucky to be living at home relatively rent-free. And free rent in NYC is...well, after seeing Pursuit of Happyness this weekend, let's just say I'm doubly grateful for this. Although Chris Gardner was a single parent of a toddler who struggled with an extended unpaid internship while working as a medical supplies salesman on weekends in order to achieve a dream job that he both enjoyed and was very good at, the movie was only "inspired by" his life story. And if he could achieve a multimillion dollar company starting at homelessness, I sure as heck can manage something.

Luckily, my financial goals will stay on track, since I've a small "Freedom Fund" saved up for times just like this. I'll definitely need to deploy my best self-discipline to make the most of my hiatus from the paycheck world, but I consider it a good sign that I'm stoked to start working on my writing portfolio!

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