Monday, June 11, 2007

Retail Therapy Alive & Costing a Pretty Penny

I tried valiantly to keep May-early June's billing cycle under $300, but I cracked under the month's pressure and stopped by Century21 on Friday. Picked out a soft, supple leather Kenneth Cole shoulder bag that's just not going back was the pennypincher in me quieted, you ask?

Good news: I scored the bag 56% off MSRP
Bad news: 56% off is still $150+
Significant other's advice: It's a nice bag and it looks good on you, so just enjoy it.

I went home & checked to see if the thing could be had for any cheaper online anyway, and it can't. The miser in me was satisfied.

...but just to be safe, the tags will still be staying on for a full week.

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