Thursday, March 8, 2007

Citibank e-Savings w/ $100 Opening Bonus

I've noticed a lot of e-Savings promotions recently for Citibank first-timers. The rate on these accounts is 4.75% APY, which is better than ING online savings (4.50%), but not as competitive as WaMu's online checking & savings package (5.05%).

But the oddest thing about the Citibank promos is that many of them have different opening bonuses; I've seen mostly between $25 and $100. The $100 offer is the best I've seen so far, found after signing into my Citicards account. A visit to the Citicards sign-in page offers you $50.)

The catch with the $100 offer is that the minimum initial deposit must be at least $5,000. There's no minimum for the $50 opening bonus, and I can't remember where I saw the $25 so I can't check that out. And even CashDuck has an offer right now, but only for $15 (and 4 feathers, but this would mean nothing to you unless you're a part of CashDuck =).

For all the promos, your account must be in good standing to be credited within 90 days. And as with all Citibank e-Savings promos, you have to open the e-Savings & EZ checking package to be eligible for the bonus. I won't be jumping on the Citibank wagon, but I'm sure that somebody out there who's very good at math will crunch the numbers and figure out whether the Citibank checking/savings package with a bonus is actually a better deal than the WaMu package with a higher APY!

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